About Sugar Fine Art by Jules Frazier

SUGAR FINE ART is a Seattle-based fine art collection for home and commercial spaces. Created by Jules Frazier, a fine art and commercial photographer,  the collection features four generations of art from one family. 

"I started looking at all the art that my family had produced over the last 100 years and wanted to reproduce and make those available to the home and commercial markets." 

After years of storing her family's art and vintage photographs, she decided to digitize the collection and offer reproduction prints to the commercial , hospitality and home markets. 

The collection consists of her mother's paintings (Margaret Birchard), her great aunt (Dora Birchard), her great grandmother ( Elizabeth Eddy Birchard) and her grandfather's drawings and photographs. 


Jules Frazier is an award-winning fine art and advertising photographer. Her fine art prints have been collected internationally by commercial and private collectors as well as featured in magazines and advertising campaigns. A graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, Jules splits her time between Seattle and her ranch in eastern Washington. While going to horse shows across the west with her dad, she started taking pictures at around age 7. 

Margaret Birchard, a native of Bellevue, Washington, was inspired at a young age by her father who was a charismatic artist and mentor, as well as her family lineage of life long artists. Margaret studied at Cornish College of the Arts and has been widely shown in the Pacific Northwest. Margaret’s paintings are beautifully crafted, contemporary abstractions that are inspired by the northwest luminous color and landscape. Now 80, she continues to paint everyday.  

Pliny Theodore Birchard, Margaret's father ran a one man ad agency in Seattle. Raised in Grants Pass Oregon, he started his love of photography and pen and ink drawings while putting together the high school yearbook. Many of his drawings are based on political satire of the times. He wrote but never published a book called "You Can't Win". The subject of his photographs revolved around his family and the love of his life, his wife Miriam. 

Born around 1899, Dora Gantt grew up in Grants Pass, Oregon. She was then able to feed her sense of adventure by living in California, Louisiana and Hawaii. California is where she learned to surf! The paintings and drawings reflect her many talents, travels and inspirations.

Elizabeth Eddy Birchard was raised in New York in the mid 1800’s, and studied art at the famed Pratt Institute there, in its early years of existence. Her elegant paintings are timeless classics.